...communicate with the respective levels of government to make sure your views are understood.

BH&A can assist you to understand the direction government policy and new legislation is moving, how it will affect your operations and how to effectively communicate with the respective levels of government to ensure your views are understood. BH&A's focus is primarily on the Alberta and municipal governments–while our associates across the country can provide instant access to the federal government and other provincial jurisdictions.

We will assist you by:

  • monitoring and analyzing government actions that might affect your daily operations
  • interpreting policy directions
  • preparing position statements for presentation to government officials
  • arranging for meetings with elected officials, senior level bureaucrats or key influencers, and
  • building coalitions with groups that share your interests.

In the belief that you are the best advocate for your cause, we will help you identify the appropriate people in government and fully prepare you for meetings.